Somaliland National Television (SLNTV) was established in 2005 with the capacity to cover Hargeisa and its surrounding areas in its first few years of operation. Private TV stations started as early as 1997 in Somaliland. However, prior to 1997, Somaliland had never experienced television coverage, as, under SiadBarre, Muqdisho TV was limited to the capital city and its surroundings.

SLNTV had no effective programs in its first year and a half of existence and could not compete against private television stations. However, it slowly improved by commencing weekly programs which were mainly aimed at public awareness-raising and daily programs that conveyed the messages and achievements of the government. SLNTV primarily broadcasts in Somali, with some Arabic and English segments. Since the new government came to power in 2010, the coverage of SLNTV was expanded to reach Europe and America.

In general, television sets and internet connections are limited because the majority of people in the country cannot afford them or because of technical and financial barriers facing the country.

The first mandate of SLNTV is to educate, to inform and to entertain Somaliland society.