Department of Film Productionwas established on June 2019, at the Ministry of Information, with the aim of creating new revolving points on film making such as in which focus upon the quality storytelling, striking visuals, and innovative design.

The visionof the department is to be a professional resource for entrepreneurial filmmakers in Somaliland where practical strategies on screenwriting, movie marketing and film distribution are developed.

The mission of the deparment is producing professionally, quickly and efficiently high quality films through cinematography procedure and screening.


  • Short films
  • Documentaries/magazines.
  • Featured films
  • TV Series
  • Corporate Films

February 2020, a feature Film named “ ShilJacayl” was the opening film that was exhibited directly to the audience through the Ministry of Information theatre and the released through Somaliland National Television. The film was also posted through the Ministry of Information Social Media channels such as You tube and the Facebook

Current Project in the Department

  • Producing of a feature film about Patriotism
  • Producing of a feature film about the Domestic Production