Somaliland National Communication Centre (SLNCC)is mandated to effectively facilitate communication between the Government of Somaliland, its citizens, and global audiences. The Center will coordinate the communication between the Government of Somaliland and the community of journalists and international media personnel working in Somaliland and will serve as the central nerve of communication and focal point of foreign press corps. The Centre will facilitate appropriate media coverage of key elements in Somaliland, coverage of government officials, press conferences, press statements and will also provide official information to state visits and foreign VIPs visiting Somaliland.

The SLNCC further adds that the main thrust is the building of an efficient and proactive Government communication system through research, training and information dissemination for good governance and positive image of Somaliland. The SLNCC will enlighten citizens on their rights and responsibilities, at the same time encourage them to be proud of their country. The Center will exploit communication as a tool for development. Through the use of various channels, it will highlight Somaliland's positions and achievements in a continuous, open basis. This will be achieved by employing a close working relationship between the SLNCC, Government departments, and other stakeholders. The Center will coordinate, plan and execute Government communication while improving the existing networks in the Ministries. It will also involve in the marketing of Somaliland. Furthermore, the center will advise ministries/ departments and agencies on matters of public communications including dissemination of public communication and stakeholder's engagement.

The SLNCC products are Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials. It prepares media reviews, briefs, and press releases/statements; supplements, documentaries, and features similarly it advises the government portal and management of content generation in ministerial websites. Furthermore, the SLNCC issues press cards for permanently stationed and visiting journalists, as well as a range of cards for other media personnel (broadcast technicians, documentary film producers, media assistants etc.). The SLNCC offers media representatives an ownership position in the Pressroom, with all necessary facilities, professional support materials, and broadcasting equipment.

Somaliland Media and Communication Centre (SLNCC) targets public institutions of the Government of Somaliland, the local and international journalists, Somaliland citizens and global audiences. The following are the objectives of SLNCC:

  • Coordination between the Government of Somaliland and the community of journalists and media personnel working in Somaliland;
  • Providing official government information to public and media;
  • Responsible for distributing (and translating) press releases from the President's Office, Ministries, and other government agencies;
  • Platform to facilitate government officials press and media coverage, press conferences;
  • Providing an environment for media and government officials to meet and network;
  • Strengthening the bond between the foreign press and the Government of Somaliland to promote Somaliland and its key political objectives;
  • Circulating and Expanding the photographed documentation service of government symbols;
  • Providing accessibility for the media to government activities, officials and information