Department of Administration and Financeismandated the Procedures for Chart of Accounts, Budgeting, Cash Management, Financial Reporting, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management. Administration and Finance Department is also to provide all service units/departments with systematic, comprehensive strategy of policies, procedures and practices necessary for procuring supplies, materials, equipment, or services required for departmental operations.

The department is responsible for performing all administration and finance, including:

  • The administration department is important because it interconnects the entire of the ministry
  • The admin department works directly with all other departments smoothly; it is mid-term role that involves setting up meetings, making travel arrangements and plays the achievers’ role.
  • Implementing ministerial finance policies.
  • Preparing annual budgets and final accounts in collaboration with the relevant administrative departments.
  • Participate in the procurement tender processes in line with ministerial policies.
  • Preparing financial documents and transactions
  • To establish appropriate accounting systems and prepare timely and accurate financial reports.
  • Financial and Administrative Department classifies the accounting categories according to its main activities and environment.
  • Financial and Administrative Department considers the nature of the Institution and planned the Chart of Accounts of the Institution accordingly.
  • To minimize potential theft and fraud and establish reliable stock and inventory management system for the institution.
  • The storekeeper will confirm and accept the goods and records the goods in Supply Control Sheet then storekeeper will store the goods properly in the safe place.
  • To establish annual audit and to maintain credibility of the institution among stakeholders.

Current projects:

  • Parking
  • Planting
  • Hand fire
  • Dustbin

Planned projects:

  • Renovation theatre
  • Repairing machines
  • Repairing outdoor