Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) was established in 2007 by a Presidential decree. The Mandate of SOLNA is to gather and disseminate local and international news to all public media outlets, including Radio Hargeisa, the National TV service and Dawan newspaper. SOLNA monitors local, regional and international media for Somaliland related news in all major languages (Somali, Arabic, English and Amharic) and then feeds that news through Radio Hargeisa. SOLNA is also tasked with disseminating press reports concerning the country to international news agencies. SOLNA’s role also includes establishing systems for the physical and electronic collection and record-keeping of publicly-released government documents and facilitating public access to this information.

The department of SOLNA Objectives are:

  • Provide accurate, useful and timely information to the Somaliland population on the flagship programs of government, issues of national importance and other developments within government of relevance to the society
  • Deepen social awareness so as to enable the population to derive optimal benefits from programs and initiatives of government. This feedback mechanism is vital within any democratic society.
  • Disseminate and introduce government policies and strategies through the news sector.