DAWAN Media Group (DMG)was initially established in 1st January 1998 under the name Mandeeq Media Group. The DMG was established to facilitate the development of a well-informed, educated and entertained public through the provision of relevant, factual and impartial news, features, commentaries and opinions utilizing print media tools like newspapers, periodicals and magazines. DMG manages and produces several print media outlets, including Dawan newspaper in Somali, The Horn Tribune in English and Alqaran in Arabic.

Newspapers and radio tend to have a primarily local and regional audience, rather than a national one. Though newspaper readership is relatively limited due to low national literacy rates, the newspapers dominate political commentary in Hargeisa, and have considerable influence within the Somaliland community as a whole.

The department of DAWAN objectives are:

  • to convey reliable information to members of the public while utilizing an easily accessible & cheap print media in somali, english & arabic languages.
  • to find the news that's useful and relevant, but buried, to increase newspaper community readers.