Mandate of the Ministry

The mandate of the Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance is to:

  • Disseminate information on the policies, programmes and achievements of the Somaliland government
  • Provide an enabling environment for the media and entertainment sectors to play a pivotal role in providing accurate information and wholesome entertainment
  • Nurture diverse opinions as a means for educating and empowering the people of Somaliland to be informed citizens
  • Establish the knowledge base and communication potential necessary for extracting the collective developmental potential of national and international information resources

Vision of the Ministry

A catalyst for knowledge-based Somaliland society driven by relevant information, culture and national guidance.

Mission of the Ministry

To ensure that Somaliland people has access to timely and relevant information on the policies, programs and achievements of the government through free flow of information whilst safeguarding media freedom and strengthening cultural innovation.

Core values of the Ministry

  • Professionalism and honesty
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge and competence
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration