Department of Planning and Statisticsis responsible for planning, budgeting, Development project formulation, Research, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, and statistics.

The department is needed to ensure that local planning links to and informs national development planning processes and to strengthen coordination across horizontal and vertical levels of government with regards to development planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The department is mandated to play a critical role on alignment and operationalization of sector policy and strategy with National Development Plan, Regional and District Development Plans, and National Decentralization policy.

The department of Planning and Statistics should:

  • Advice policy making process and formulation
  • Provide strategic direction and advise to the institution related to planning, legal affairs and other strategic matters
  • harmonizedevelopment priorities at the national, regional and district levels.
  • Coordinate government institutions in national, regional and district levels in terms of development planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation
  • Make sure compliance to the good governance and aid effectiveness principles
  • Lead and facilitate annual work planning and budgeting
  • Lead and coordinate monitoring and evaluation at the National, Regional and district levels
  • Serve as the focal point for development and humanitarian partners
  • Promote sustainable economic development and growth at national and local levels.
  • Promote knowledge management and skills transfer
  • Play a key role in the communication